Welcome to Picardie Court Publications, in Bowling Green Ohio. My name is Wallace De Pue, Sr. founder of this publishing concern since 1998.

My reason for founding a publishing house was to share my arrangements and original compositions with people all over the world.

Although I used to publish my music through famous publishing houses, I found that doing so was impractical. They would either sell hundreds of copies on their first printing or place my work in their POP (permanently out of print) files. They would not allow me to reclaim them! Many of my compositions are unavailable to choral musicians because of such an unethical practice.

What a customer may expect from Picardie Court Publications:

  • Professionally engraved scores for choral and instrumental compositions
  • Delivery of orders within ten days or less, or contact will be made with the buyer
  • An attempt to cut costs through making and/or mailing copies
  • Satisfaction or money back guarantee on every composition
  • Prices in line with most publishing houses
  • Personal advice on music selection matters
  • Music available for “easy” to “difficult” compositions
  • Instant contact with potential customers through e-mail or phone
  • Changes in scores to suit particular choral music scores, either text or melodies
  • Ten percent discounts on second orders

This website was developed by

If you need a TTBB choral work, you simply write TTBB into the dark gray “finder” at the very top of this page; you’ll be given a selection of TTBB pieces. If you write “Christmas,” the same thing will occur, etc.

You will find instruments in the same way.

Both a pdf. score and an mp3 sound bite will be sent at your request ASAP. Titles bearing asterisks (*) will have actual performance sound bites; others will be “MIDI” files, i.e., computer generated.

Thank you for visiting my “store.”

Wallace De Pue, Sr.
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