Wallace De Pue


Choral works by Wallace De Pue are placed in the following categories to save choral directors time.
Below are links to the various sections. All are PDF files.

The levels of difficulty are from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult).  Each piece bears a number. 
A title bearing an asterisk indicates that a recording is available upon request. Plus or minus signs mean more or less difficulty than the number.  Duration is expressed in minutes and seconds, i.e., (3:20)  The letters WD mean the text is by W. De Pue, Sr.

RANGES are shown as follows: middle C is C1, up an octave is c2 with subsequent octaves to c5.  Downward, the octaves from C1 are: small c, great C, and contra CC.

Click here for an alphabetical list of choral works. (PDF file, 40KB)

Click here for the BIG list of choral works (PDF file 740KB).

Samples of choral works via pdf. scores and sound bites will be sent upon request by e-mail

Dr. De Pue also accepts commissions for writing compositions.